Men's Ministries

Central California Conference has a vibrant men's ministry.

The 2007 "Follow the Lamb" retreat featured special guest, Ty Gibson. We facilitated 101 Seventh-Day Adventist Church Members, 25 Non Seventh-day Adventist Christians', 9 guest from outside our conference, 14 team members, and 23 non baptized members.
Praise the Lord

Every three months our devoted members, David Crouch and Pastor Fred Showalter visit Churches throughout our conference to encourage small Men's Ministry groups.

If you are in a Men's Ministry group or would like to be in a Men's Ministry group we would love to her from you. Send us an email describing your ministry!

Don't forget to visit the Men's Ministry Booth at our Soquel Camp Meeting, July 18-27, 2008 in the Main Auditorium.

May God continue to bless you abundantly until HIS soon coming!